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Practice Areas

The attorneys at Levine & McHenry handle all aspects of criminal defense, from pretrial matters through post-conviction litigation.

Felonies, Misdemeanors, and Violations

Our attorneys understand that even minor charges can cause great upheaval and emotional distress in the lives of the accused and their families. Whether you have been charged with a minor violation or a major felony, Mr. Levine and Mr. McHenry will represent you effectively, backed by decades of experience. The firm represents people charged with white collar crimes, drug crimes, and any other type of criminal offense.

Federal and State Charges

Our attorneys practice in both federal courts and Oregon state courts, including Multnomah, Washington, Clackamas, and Marion Counties. Whether you have been charged with a federal offense, a state offense, or a violation of a local city ordinance, Levine & McHenry can help.

Early Resolution, Trials, and Appeals

Mr. Levine and Mr. McHenry will work diligently to resolve your case in the manner that is best for you. Whether that is pursuing pre-trial dismissal, a plea agreement, or a verdict of Not Guilty after a trial, we will advocate zealously on your behalf. Our attorneys will also handle the appeals process, through the state and federal courts of appeal as well as the Oregon Supreme Court and the United States Supreme Court, if necessary.

Post-Conviction and Habeas Corpus Relief

Even if you have already been convicted and lost your appeal, there may be ways to attack your conviction through the state Post-Conviction Relief process and the federal Habeas Corpus process. Our attorneys have extensive experience successfully litigating these issues. If you believe you have grounds to overturn your conviction, contact Levine & McHenry for a free consultation.

Expungements and Pardons

If you have prior misdemeanor or felony convictions, you may be eligible to have them expunged under applicable state and federal laws. Our attorneys will work with you to accomplish this and get your record clean. In addition, our lawyers can draft and file petitions for governmental and presidential pardons.


Government agents often seize an individual's personal property, such as houses or automobiles, in relation to a criminal investigation. Even if you are not convicted of any criminal charge, the government may institute criminal or civil forfeiture proceedings against you in an attempt to keep your property. If this has happened to you, Mr. Levine and Mr. McHenry can represent you in the forfeiture proceedings, and will act zealously to defend your rights and your property.

Civil Rights and Police Misconduct

If you have been the victim of police misconduct, or otherwise experienced a violation of your civil rights under the Oregon or United States Constitutions, Levine & McHenry will help you recover any damages you may be entitled to. Contact the office for a free consultation.