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About "171 Easy Mitigating Factors"

"171 Easy Mitigating Factors" is a widely used and nationally acclaimed publication which includes a compilation of federal cases from around the country suggesting grounds and approaches for mitigating a criminal sentence. Authored by Michael Levine, the publication is updated regularly during the year.

The cost for the most recent edition is $125.00 for an electronic copy, $175.00 for a bound copy, and $400.00 for an annual subscription (six to twelve issues depending on developments in the law).

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Michael R. Levine
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Portland, Oregon 97204

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"It may be per se ineffective assistance for defense counsel to fail to read "[171] Easy Mitigating Factors" when preparing for sentencing."
--Professor Douglas A. Berman, Sentencing Law and Policy Blog

"The indispensable guide to effective representation at sentencing--an essential tool for federal (and state) defense lawyers."
--Alan Ellis, Past President, National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys